Opening Up As It’s Locking Down

The Ear Care Clinic officially opening this week in Thame, Oxfordshire

Brand new business, Oracle Ear Care, is opening its doors just as the town is locking down. The managing director and head clinician, Sereta Parker, says, “The timing couldn’t have been worse for us; a lot of the people we see are elderly and too afraid to expose themselves to the risk of the virus”. She goes on to say, “the problem is one of extreme isolation. Isolating and staying indoors is bad enough but when you can’t use the phone or hear the television, it is terrible”.

However, Oracle Ear Care will stay open as an essential healthcare service to help people who are in desperate need of ear wax removal. They are fully equipped with PPE and have Covid-19 safety measures in place. 

Sereta adds

“We are happy to welcome anyone who needs advice. It is so important, now more than ever, to be able to hear well especially when lip-reading is hindered by wearing a mask”.

Oracle Ear Care is a family-run ear care clinic in Thame. Our services include all types of wax removal along with foreign body removal.

To contact Oracle Ear Care, email or call 01844 617 478.