Our services include:

Microsuction – it is one of the safest methods of earwax removal. It involves the use of a small suction tube to precisely remove the wax. The practitioner views the ear canal under a microscope during the procedure.

Irrigation – this method has replaced the old-fashioned syringing method. It uses a gentle pulse of warm water to flush out the wax. This is generally used when the wax is too soft for microsuction to be effective.

Foreign Body Removal – this involves the removal of any foreign object in the ear canal, such as parts of a hearing aid, cotton buds or insects.

We have a fixed rate of £85 for the service. There is no additional charge for a follow-up session if a further appointment is required to complete the treatment.



Hearing Assessment – We have a soundproof room at Oracle, which enables us to carry out accurate hearing assessments. If you have any concerns about your hearing, or you are curious about your level of hearing, we recommend that you book in for a test. We do not provide hearing aids, but our clinician is able to advise you on your next steps to achieve better hearing, either via the NHS or with other private audiology clinics.

A hearing assessment costs £85 and includes a report and audiogram.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us on 01844 617 478.